Carter & Spencer has established its own dedicated resources in Australia, New Zealand and the USA to manage year round category supply solutions to our customers. We have long standing relationships with some of the world’s finest producers through our 35 years of importing. 

We source produce from all parts of the globe including America, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Israel, Thailand, China and the Philippines. Our business excels at moving produce from port or airport to market efficiently. We strive to have our produce where possible pre-cleared at port of origin to maximise quality and minimise risk, cost and time. 

We are active in developing with Government new protocols for products particularly into Australia. We were part of a small group that succeeded in establishing protocols for New Zealand avocados and stonefruit, USA cherries, grapes and stonefruit. 

Our key import supply partners are: 

Our other supply partners are: 

  • Dayka Hackett - stone fruit

  • Corona College Heights - citrus

  • Johnston Farms - citrus

  • Precicion Produce - citrus

  • San Joaquin - citrus

  • Trinity - mandarins

  • Voita West - citrus

  • Wonderful Citrus - citrus

  • Grapes from California - grapes


55 Curzon Street, Tennyson QLD  4105 Australia

PO Box 30 Brisbane Markets QLD 4106 Australia

P: + 61 7 3361 5555



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