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Produce of Australia. Our Mandarins are grown on our own farm in Queensland.


May - March


Honey Murcott

The Honey Murcott is one of the sweetest mandarins grown in Australia. It has a higher juice and sugar content than other mandarins so makes a wonderful alternative to orange juice.

Low-Seeded Murcott

Low seeded Murcott mandarins (LSM) are easy to peel with an extremely thin rind. They are sweet in flavour, and have 2-4 seeds. These mandarins are high in quality and have a high juice content.


Originated from Italy, these mandarins are easy to peel and have a pleasant taste. These mandarins have similar characteristics to an Imperial mandarin, they are easy to peel and share and have a great sweet taste.

Royal Honey

These mandarins were created in 2001 in Queensland, Australia. The Royal Honey is smooth, easy to peel and maintains good external quality. These mandarins have recently been favourable in Asian markets.

Low-Seeded Fremont

The low-seeded Fremont is a cross between a Clementine and Ponkan mandarin. The fruit is predominantly grown in Queensland due to the ideal growing conditions. The LS Fremont is known for its sweetness and has few seeds.


The Afourer mandarin is an easy to peel mandarin that has very few seeds. Afourers have rich flavour, a smooth thin rind and are very sweet and juicy. These mandarins are perfect for a snacking and salads.


Matthew Spencer

Export Manager
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