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As our customers require year round category supply solutions, Carter & Spencer have established our own dedicated resources in New Zealand.


Our New Zealand operations are located in Auckland, managing the import of high-quality produce into New Zealand.

Over the past nine years, the business has evolved, and so has our customer base. We work closely with Foodstuffs, as well as other produce retailers, exporters, markets, foodservices and independent stores.

Not only have we established customer relations, we have strong international direct supply relationships with VBZ, Dayka Hackett, Sunview, Wonderful, Stemilt, FruitMaster, CKK, Pizhou, plus more.


Our imported produce comes from different markets in the USA, Australia, China, Thailand, Mexico, Chile, Zambia and Italy. This allows us to supply fresh, quality produce year round. 

Our New Zealand team is experienced and have access to a global team, including our strong international supply relationships and access to our procurement team in the USA. Along with support from the Carter & Spencer head office team in Brisbane, Australia, our New Zealand operations are well positioned to continue to build a strong New Zealand produce supply base for both domestic and export business, while helping build a Queensland supply and export business to New Zealand and other markets.

Lea Andrew
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