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Fresh 4 Kids!


In New Zealand our Fresh 4 Kids products are available in Foodstuffs stores.


Our Fresh 4 Kids grape punnets, contain two varieties of grapes. Flame seedless grapes (red in colour) and Sugarone seedless grapes (green in colour).


Crisp, sweet, plump and juicy. That’s what consumers expect from Fresh 4 Kids grapes! Our grapes are picked fresh and farm packed, for outstanding flavour and quality - and we never use preservatives.

Available year round, Fresh 4 Kids grapes make a tasty snack. Ideal for lunchboxes, they are a hassle free and healthy snack for children and families – low in calories and packed with important antioxidants.

Responsible growing practices are key to bringing fresh produce from around the world to New Zealand. With great freshness comes great responsibility! All Fresh 4 Kids produce must adhere to strict quality control regulations and best practices, when leaving their birth place, and upon arrival in New Zealand.

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