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Produce of Australia. Our Oranges are grown on our own farm and farms across Australia.


May - February



Universally considered the best oranges for eating out-of-hand, our seedless Washington Navels have juicy flesh, easy-to-peel rinds and an irresistibly pure, sweet orange flavour.

Late Lane

The late lane orange is a type of Navel that is seedless and late maturing. These oranges are known for their high quality. Late Lanes are juicy, vibrant in colour and have a thin rind.


Valencia oranges are very juicy and have a lovely sweet and tart flavour. They are considered the juicing orange due to the high juice content and limited to no limonin.

Midknight Valencia

The Midknight Valencia grows larger than a Valencia, contains more juice and is near seedless. These oranges have a higher sugar content than most other oranges, this makes the Midknight Valencia one of the sweetest varieties of orange.


The M7 orange is an early season orange with exceptional taste and high eating quality. M7 oranges are round and firm, and have high sugar content. These oranges are usually harvested 3-4 weeks before the Washington Navel orange.


Matthew Spencer

Export Manager
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