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Produce of Australia. Our Sweet Potatoes are grown on farms across Australia.


January - December


Sweet potatoes are roots, compared to regular potatoes which are tubers (underground stems). Carter & Spencer grow multiple varieties of sweet potatoes. Our gold, red (red skin, white flesh), red garnet (red skin, red flesh) and Hawaiian (white, skin, purple flesh) sweet potatoes are grown in Queensland - full of sunshine, sweetness and packed with vitamins and antioxidants!


Gold Sweet Potatoes have smooth skin and are rose/gold in appearance with bright orange flesh. These potatoes are delicious roasted, mashed, steamed, barbequed, and baked. The Gold variety is the most popular sweet potato in Australia.


Red Sweet Potatoes have a red purple skin with a white flesh. These sweet potatoes are often described as creamy and sweet, they are also highly nutritious. The Red variety is the second most popular variety of sweet potato in Australia.


Hawaiian sweet potatoes have a creamy beige outside and a magenta-purple inside. These sweet potatoes are considered a super food due to its high nutritious value. The Hawaiian variety is commonly used in cooking for its unique colour and health benefits.


Matthew Spencer

Export Manager
Phone: +61 7 3361 5454
Mobile: +61 438 138 017

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